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Fernando Amorsolo - Women Washing, 1933
Fernando Amorsolo
"Women Washing, 1933"
Are you interested in selling, consigning, or acquiring paintings by notable, historically important early Filipino artists?  Karges Fine Art is one of the leading dealers of original works by a large number of well-known Filipino painters including Fernando Amorsolo, Jose Joya, Juan Luna, Cesar Legaspi, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Vincente Manansala, and Fernando Zobel. 

We pay top prices for paintings by this group of highly respected influential artists whose works can be valuable and highly sought-after by serious collectors.  There has been an increasing demand for paintings by the leading early artists from the Philippines who superbly portrayed the beauty and quiet nature of this graceful, lovely, and gentle culture.  We are eager to acquire landscapes, seascapes, and figurative works by the finest artists from this memorable period in art history.  Please contact us today at (831) 625-4266 or by email to info@kargesfineart.com
We are currently interested in acquiring works by the following artists:

Fernando Amorsolo
Lee Aguinaldo
Federico Alcuaz
Ben Cabrera
Fabian de La Rosa
Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo
Jose Joya
Ang Kiukok
Cesar Legaspi
Juan Luna
Arturo Luz
Anita Magsaysay-Ho
Vicente Manansala
Hernando Ocampo
Alfonso Ossorio
Romeo Tabuena
Ronald Ventura
Fernando Zobel

Do you own a painting by one of these important Filipino artists?

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